There are a few things cooking here at C&B during this last week of 2010.

First, we’re putting the finishing touches on the comprehensive C&B 2010 notes, which will be an up-to-date version of all the presentation notes from October and December, including some informal materials that Herb and I developed on the fly at the events.   The meaning of “up-to-date” is determined by each of us as we revise our materials.  For me, it means I corrected spelling errors and typos and similar small things.  It does not mean I made large-scale changes to the materials in response to the sometimes very useful and insightful comments I received at C&B.  I will eventually update my materials to take those comments into account, of course, but it will take a while to do that — more time than I have available anytime soon.

We expect to have the final materials available in PDF form by the end of the week.  All C&B attendees (both in October and December) should receive email telling them how to download the materials.  For those of you who were not able to attend C&B 2010 but who are interested in the topics we addressed, we expect to make the handouts’ PDF available for a small fee.  Details will be announced here when we have everything worked out.

The success of C&B 2010 has inspired us to plan an all-new C++ & Beyond in 2011.  “All-new” means pretty much what it sounds like:  new talks, new topics, new information.  We each already have a number of ideas of things we’d like to talk about, and feedback from this year’s attendees made clear that there is significant interest in topics related to performance in general and to concurrency and parallelism in particular.  We hear you, and we plan to be all over those topics.  But “C++ & Beyond” is deliberately an open-ended topic description, and we very much welcome your suggestions on themes or topics you’d like to see us address at next year’s event.  Please make your suggestions via comments on this blog post.  Also, please give us as many details as you can.  Saying you want to hear about performance and concurrency is okay, but there’s a big difference between, for example, scaling up to multiple threads on one machine versus scaling up to multiple threads across distributed machines in a server farm.

We also expect to consider topics outside of (well, you know, beyond) performance and concurrency, e.g., C++0x language features (maybe effective use of variadic templates or regular expressions, or possibly the new threading API) or challenges in systems architecture and design.  If there are particular topics you’d like to see us talk about, let us know!

Tentatively, C&B 2011 will be held in August 2011, but we’re still working on the details.  When we know them, so will you.

Thanks for making C&B 2010 the success it was.  We look forward to an even better C&B 2011 next year, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.