[Some of the links in the post that follows were made obsolete shortly after publication, so I have unlinked the corresponding text.  The article referred to below is now available at this location (in PDF).  For details on what happened and why, consult this blog entry at my professional blog.]


[This post came from my professional blog.  I'm repeating it here, because I don't assume that everybody interested in C&B follows that blog.]

It’s been a couple of years since I got the itch to write a technical article, but I recently found myself thinking about types in C++ and how the language sometimes adds or removes const without your explicitly asking it to do so.  This is especially the case when it comes to new features in C++0x such as decltype and lambda expressions.  The result is “Appearing and Disappearing consts in C++” at Dr. Dobbs.  The normal online version of the article is available here, but I think the formatting they use makes it difficult to read, so I suggest you view the printer-formatted version of the article instead.

I hope you find the article interesting and the information in it useful.