The headline pretty much says it all:  Registration for C++ and Beyond 2011 has begun.   The essential information (thanks to copy and paste from my post of February 25) is as follows:

  • The dates are August 7 through August 10.
  • All our technical presentations will be new. There will be no reruns of talks we gave at C&B last year.  Herb, Andrei, and I all have as a goal to offer truly new presentations, so even if you’ve read all our publications or attended other public talks by us, what you get at C&B 2011 will be something that’s not only insightful and useful, it’s also likely to be something you’ve never seen before.
  • Location is the Banff Springs Hotel, where we negotiated a nightly room rate of $189 (Canadian), which is less than half the going rate at places like Expedia, Kayak,, etc.
  • Pricing is the same as last year, i.e., US$2995 for individual registrations, with 10% discounts for early birds and an additional 10% off for groups of three or more.  Early bird registration will run through June 10.

You’ll see at the FAQs page and the hotel page that registration includes free Internet access throughout the hotel.  Simple and straightforward, right?  Sort of.  The (truly very nice) people at the hotel wanted us to require that you sign up for their Presidents Club to get complimentary Internet access.  Enrollment is free, but we weren’t wild about the “require” part, so we negotiated a compromise.  The hotel agreed that you don’t have to sign up for anything (except C&B) to get free Internet access throughout the hotel.  In return, we agreed to convey the following information:

Fairmont Hotels offer an individual benefits program called “The Fairmont Presidents Club”. Some of you may already be members.  If so, please be sure to quote your Fairmont Presidents Club membership at time of reservation or on arrival at the hotel in order to receive applicable benefits. For guests who are not Fairmont Presidents Club members, you are encouraged to enroll, as there are some worthwhile benefits for first time members (e.g., complimentary fitness access, etc.) and enrollment is free. Please visit for details and enrollment procedures.  NOTE: you must be a member prior to arrival at the hotel in order for benefits to apply to that stay.

Herb, Andrei, and I look forward to seeing you in Banff in August!