Everybody at C&B is committed to seeing that our delegates are treated fairly and that the information we have listed on our web site is neither inaccurate nor misleading.

When we listed our special room rate of $189 CDN for attendees, we failed to notice that this room type can only hold two adults. As indicated by the comments on the hotel information page, this caused confusion, because some people expected to fit more than two people in a room at this rate, paying only an extra $30 for each additional person.

The Banff Springs Hotel has been very generous and flexible in handling this situation with us. They’ve extended the $189/night rate for larger rooms to those people who’ve already registered and who expected to be able to fit more than two people in a room at that rate.  If you’re one of those people, you should already have been contacted about the revised arrangement.  (If not, let me know.)

Once the rate ambiguity became clear, we revised the information at the hotel information page, so people who register from now on should do so with the understanding that if they want to put more than two people in a room, they will need to book a larger (and more expensive) room than the $189/night covers.

Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention, and thanks for your patience as we resolved it. We truly apologize for the confusion.