Channel 9 Robot ImageWe just got word that Charles Torre from Microsoft’s Channel 9 will be attending C++ and Beyond with camera in hand to immerse himself in and presumably report on C&B in Banff.  Herb and Andrei and I are slated to sit down with him for a collective interview, but that will take place during non-C&B hours.  An important part of the C&B experience is that you’ll have plenty of time to talk with us, and the presence of fancy high-tech video equipment (which, for all I know, in Charles’ case consists of an off-brand camera phone) won’t interfere with that.

Charles will probably also be interviewing attendees, so if you’re looking to make your break into geeky Internet-based show business and you’re enthusiastic about C&B, be sure to seek him out.  If you’re not enthusiastic about C&B, please seek us out so that we can try to address the problem.

People who’ve expressed interest in having us record the technical sessions at C&B should know that that is not what Charles will be doing there.  His job is to represent Channel 9 and their interests; nothing more.  We’re still looking into the possibility of recording our sessions, and we’re still not making any commitments one way or the other.