C++ and Beyond 2011 begins on Sunday evening, and Andrei, Herb, and I are very much looking forward to it (as is Lisa Wells, our assistant, concierge, customer service representative, and all-around Awesome Person Who Helps Us Out).  What follows is information we think you’ll find useful as C&B draws near:

  • Handouts’ PDF. You should have received an email message earlier today telling you how to download the PDF version of the presentation materials.  If you didn’t receive the message, please let us know.
  • Background Survey. The same email that told you about the presentations’ PDF will have told you about a brief survey we’d like you to fill out so that we can better understand your backgrounds and interests.  We take this information into account when making our presentations, so please invest the minute or two needed to answer the questions.
  • Hardcopy Handouts and Name Badges. If you’re staying at the Banff Springs Hotel and you check in Saturday night or Sunday, you should receive a notebook and a name badge when you check in. If you check in before the notebooks and badges arrive or if you’re not staying at the hotel, ask for a notebook and badge on Sunday evening or Monday morning at the table outside the Conservatory (for the Reception) or Van Horne Ballroom (for the C&B technical sessions).  If you elected the PDF-only handouts option, please don’t accept a notebook, even if the  hotel mistakenly offers you one.  We didn’t prepare notebooks for PDF-only people.
  • Sunday Evening Reception. It will take place 7:30PM-9:30PM in the Conservatory. Light refreshments and soft drinks will be served, so come with an appetite, but not too big a one :-). Please wear your name badge where we can see it. You may know who we are, but we don’t always know who you are, and we’d like to.
  • Tipping. The Banff Springs Hotel has a no-tipping policy.  If you’re staying at the hotel, tips are one of the things included in your daily service charge.  If you’re not staying at the hotel, your tips are covered by the daily service charge your colleagues are paying :-)
  • Weather. The current forecast calls for showers, with high temperatures of around 70F.  I suggest you check the latest forecast before you pack in order to decide what to bring with you.

Finally, now that C&B is almost upon us, please let us know if you have any comments on the registration process or on any aspect of the service you received prior to the event. We’ve done the best we can, and while we know we can do better, we don’t necessarily know how. Please tell us, either on the comments section of the background survey or via email.

We’ll see you soon!