This is a reminder that May marks the final month for early-bird registration for C&B.  Registrations that take place by the end of this month benefit from the 10% discount for individuals and 20% discount for groups of three or more.  If you’ve been procrastinating about getting authorization to attend or have been putting off the necessary paperwork, now would be a good time to tackle those tasks.  The early-bird period will not be extended, so you’ll want to get in under the May 31 deadline if you possibly can.  Or you can wait until afterwards and pay us more.  We’re happy either way :-)


PS - One of the benefits of choosing clipart to accompany posts is the odd things one finds in them.  In the image accompanying this post, I was amused to see that among the depicted currencies is German Marks, which have been out of circulation since 2002. The U.S. penny atop the stack of coins that is on top of the 100-Mark bill was last issued in 1958.