The Early Bird registration discounts expire in just one week.  In fact, they were originally slated to expire on May 31 (this coming Thursday), but I decided to push the deadline back a day, because (1) I didn’t get around to posting this one-week warning until today, (2) Monday is a holiday in the USA, so the coming work week is short here, and (3) I ultimately decided that having Early Bird conclude at the end of a week was more aesthetically satisfying than having it conclude at the end of a month :-)  This will be the only extension for the Early Bird period, so if you’re not registered by the end of the day Pacific Time (GMT-8) on Friday, June 1, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to save 10% off the standard registration rates.

Incidentally, we haven’t yet awarded a free registration to anybody from Antarctica (details here), and we’d really like to, so if you think you can make a case for why you should qualify, please let us know.  Antarcticans need not worry about the end of the Early Bird period, because getting 10% off a free registration isn’t that valuable, but for everybody else, it’s worth several hundred dollars, so if you can, it’s worth registering no later than June 1!