In 2010, C++ and Beyond‘s inaugural year, we delivered four hours of all-new technical presentations each day, plus an hour devoted to panel discussions and live Q&A.  That worked fine, but we felt we had more to say, so for 2011, we extended the time for technical presentations a bit.  That worked even better. For this year, we planned to follow the same schedule as last year, but the more we worked on our presentations, the more we realized that having a little more time would allow us to tell an even better technical story.  So we reworked the schedule again to give us additional time to cover the nuances of error resilience, the C++11 threading API, writing fast code, and the other topics we’ll address this year.  All told, C&B 2012 will devote more time than ever to all-new cutting-edge technical presentations: an increase of a bit more than 10%, compared to 2010.  And that’s not counting the panels and Q&A sessions!

The irony of the situation is that coming up with the kind of high-quality information people expect from C++ and Beyond is difficult, and each year, we worry that we won’t be able to pull it off.  Yet each year, we find that we have more to say than there is time available.  Why that’s the case, I don’t know, but I think it helps make each year’s C&B better than the previous year’s.