Demand for C&B has been extremely strong, so Andrei, Herb, and I got together with the Salish, coordinated our schedules, and came up with a set of dates for a second rendition.  It will take place Monday, December 13, through Thursday, December 16. If you were shut out of October’s C&B due to a scheduling conflict, the fact that it sold out so quickly, or some other reason, this a second chance to participate.

Our approach to C&B Encore (as we’re calling it) is copy-and-paste.  Compared to October’s C&B, the daily schedule will be the same, the technical program will be the same, and registration and hotel costs will be the same.  I expect we’ll tinker with some aspects of the event based on what we learn at the October C&B, but fundamentally, this is a chance for 60 more people to get the C++ & Beyond experience. (As with October’s C&B, C&B Encore has a hard limit of 60 participants.)

A registration page for C&B Encore will go live in a few days, but here’s the essential information, i.e., what you need to know for scheduling and budgeting purposes:

  • Early bird registration will run through November 14. Registration rates are the same as for October’s C&B: $2695 for individuals, and $2395/person for groups of three or more.  From November 15 on, rates will be $2995 for individuals and $2695/person for groups of at least three.  Early bird registration extends more than two weeks past the end of October’s C&B, so people who attend that event will have time to describe and (we hope) recommend it to their colleagues.  (If you attend October’s event and, in retrospect, don’t feel that’s it’s worth recommending, we hope you’ll tell us why, either face to face or on an evaluation form.  If we’re not making good use of your time, we want to know about it.)
  • People on the C&B Waitlist get priority. If you’re on the waiting list for the October event, you’re automatically eligible for a spot at the December C&B.  Details will be available when the registration page is posted.
  • C&B Encore will run December 13-16. The daily schedule will mimic that of the October event:  reception the first evening, morning-to-night sessions and activities the next two days, and morning to 5PM sessions and activities the final day.

If we don’t see you in October, we hope to see you in December at C&B Encore!