Two of the scheduled panels are “Ask Us Anything!” sessions where the three of us will take your questions on (almost) any topic and do our best to give you an informative, useful, thoughtful answer. Or multiple overlapping answers, with fisticuffs, which can be even more fun, not to mention even more informative because that nearly always means shedding light on the question from several different directions to highlight alternatives and tradeoffs and grok the central underlying issues more deeply — which might not even have been directly mentioned in the original question.

Registered attendees will be receiving information in email on how to submit questions in advance. We’ll give those priority at the event since those will be from people actually in the room.

But whether or not you’re not attending, feel free to post a comment here containing a (preferably brief) question that you wonder about related to C++, C++0x, Boost, D, or Bjarne’s favorite beer. If the question is interesting, in addition to considering it at the event, it may spur one of us to answer it briefly here in the comments… or to write an article about it, which happened in the past.