With the C++ Renaissance gathering steam, I’ve personally noticed a growing need to train developers who are now turning or returning to C++. These developers don’t need to be taught how to program, but they aren’t familiar with how clean it is to write code using today’s C++. The key is: What is the best and clearest way to teach the essentials of today’s C++ — both what to teach, and what not to teach?

This session shows that it is possible to show a very clean path through today’s C++ that is available to production developers right now, including use of key C++0x features already supported in many compilers, that shows how clean C++ code can be and how it compares favorably to code written in managed languages while still retaining its longstanding efficiency advantage.

Many attendees coming to C++ and Beyond are experienced developers, often in senior or leadership positions. Your company may look to you to define or personally provide training in the best development techniques, whether through team brownbags or formal training sessions. As developers continue to come back to C++, you will find yourself increasingly called upon to help them quickly learn what “modern C++” really means today, and how clear and compelling it can be. This “train the trainers” session is intended to provide the foundation for that training, and give you the tools you need to train others, as we welcome them (and welcome them back) to our good friend C++.