Session update: It turns out there’s a lot to say about both C++0x best practices and optimal GPGPU coding once you get going. So my talks on C++0x (C++ Renaissance, and How To Teach C++) and GPU programming (C++ and the GPU… and Beyond) have grown considerably longer and in-depth than I initially expected. There’s only so much speaking time, so something had to give, and I’ve chosen to defer the “Exceptional C++0x” talk itself to a future event.

The good news is that I found a way to have most of the cake and eat it too — I’ll still cover much of the material I intended for that talk in the context of “How To Teach C++” which targets C++0x, and the main difference will be that the examples won’t be drawn directly from my Exceptional C++ books this time. I look forward to revisiting the Exceptional C++ material itself at a future event.