As we’d hoped, we were able to prevail upon the Banff Springs Hotel to extend free internet access to C&B attendees without requiring that you sign up for anything.  The details will be conveyed to you when you check in to the hotel. If you’re not staying at the hotel, track our C&B Concierge, Lisa Wells, down (she’s the one demonstrating enviable social skills and wearing the name tag that says “Lisa Wells, C&B Concierge”), and she’ll get you set up.

We apologize for this logistical hiccup.  The underlying problem was that our contact people at the hotel changed between our initial work with them in February and recent weeks, and the hotel’s information on our internet access agreement got lost during the transition.  This didn’t become apparent until a few days ago when we were triple-checking everything, and their response to our request to confirm terms for internet access was met with, “What?”