Thanks to everybody for a very enjoyable and successful C++ and Beyond 2011 in Banff!   Andrei and Herb and I had a great time, and, judging by the evaluations, so did everyone who attended.

What’s next?, you may wonder.  Well:

  • Cover for C&B 2011 MaterialsWe’re in the process of preparing final PDF for all our talks, including slides we put together during C&B or pulled up on the fly.  You should also expect to see presentation materials with minor revisions, e.g., with bugs fixed that we found during the talks.  My revised double-checked locking code, for example, will now include, er, two checks and, um, a lock.  Ahem. We expect the final PDF to be available by the end of the week.  Look for email from Lisa telling you where to get it.
  • Lisa’s email will also tell you about a post-event survey that will give you an opportunity to tell us what worked at C&B, what didn’t, and give us feedback on the relative importance of various aspects of the event.  We hope we made clear during C&B that we take your feedback seriously, and we act on it whenever we can, so please take the time to fill out the survey.  It’s short, I promise.
  • Charles Torre from Microsoft’s Channel 9 as well as Ray Heath recorded the Q&A sessions at the end of each day, and Charles also recorded a post-event interview with Herb and Andrei and me, and our understanding is that Charles plans to take the raw videos and edit them into something suitable for human consumption, which he’ll then publish at Channel 9. When we get word that they are available, we’ll let you know, but note that Channel 9 also has its own RSS feed.
  • Andrei, Scott, Herb at the end of C&B

    Andrei, Scott, and Herb at the end of C&B. Photo courtesy of Alan Gray.

    We’ve received photos taken by various people, and we plan to make at least some of those available.  If you took photos at C&B that you’d be willing to share, please send them to Lisa.  We’ll post about where to find the photos when we’ve got a place for them.

A number of people asked whether there will be another C&B next year, and Andrei, Herb, and I are already talking about the possibility.  We’re not making any promises, but you’ll notice that some of the questions on the post-event survey ask about when and where you’d like to see future events, so draw your own conclusions :-)