Now that registration for C++ and Beyond 2012 has begun, we’ll be making blog posts with increasing frequency to keep you apprised of developments related to the event. Among the most important posts will be those announcing topics for our technical sessions. Those posts will start later this week. (Because we typically develop all-new presentations for C++ and Beyond, we’re not in a position to announce the topics many months in advance. Instead, we let you know about them as we come up with them. In some cases, we’ll post about prospective sessions, and we’ll ask for feedback about how useful you think such sessions would be.)

Conceptually, we assume that people interested in C&B-related developments subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog. In reality, we know that blogs and RSS feeds are not everybody’s preferred mechanism for consuming information. As a result, our blog posts are automatically reflected to our twitter stream, our facebook page, and our mailing list. Practically speaking, we use the C&B blog as stdout for what we have to say, but we pipe that to other streams that may be more convenient for you. If you think we should pipe our posts elsewhere (other than to /dev/null, ahem), let us know.

Links to our RSS feeds, our twitter stream, our facebook presence, and our mailing list are in the sidebar on the right at the C++ and Beyond web site. They’re also embedded in the paragraph above.