Channel 9 has posted a two-part video  - Herb Sutter’s “atomic<> Weapons” presented at C++ and Beyond 2012 last summer in Asheville, NC. Here are the links: atomic<> Weapons, 1 of 2 and atomic<> Weapons, 2 of 2.


Here is the abstract:

This session in one word: Deep.

It’s a session that includes topics I’ve publicly said for years is Stuff You Shouldn’t Need To Know and I Just Won’t Teach, but it’s becoming achingly clear that people do need to know about it. Achingly, heartbreakingly clear, because some hardware incents you to pull out the big guns to achieve top performance, and C++ programmers just are so addicted to full performance that they’ll reach for the big red levers with the flashing warning lights. Since we can’t keep people from pulling the big red levers, we’d better document the A to Z of what the levers actually do, so that people don’t SCRAM unless they really, really, really meant to.