Herb and Andrei and I are pleased to announce that C++ and Beyond will take place in 2014! The dates are September 29 through October 1, and the location is Stuttgart, Germany.

You can think of this event as the C&B Road Show, because the organization is a little different from how we’ve done things in the past:

  • Most of the talks will be updated versions of the presentations we gave at C&B 2013. (See the schedule here.) If you were unable to attend C&B this past December, this is your chance to see what you missed.
  • A group dinner on the first day is included.
  • The schedule is a bit compressed, so some aspects of previous C&Bs are not present. These include group breakfasts and evening discussion sessions.

For this event, we’ve partnered with QA Systems, the same company I’ve worked with since 1999 on technical seminars in Europe. They’ll be handling registration and all other logistical and administrative aspects of the event. Consult their web page for C&B 2014 for all the details of this event.

This will be the only C&B in 2014, so we hope to see you in Stuttgart at the end of September for the first-ever C&B in Europe!





Those of you who’ve been patiently holding your breath waiting for the publication of videos from C&B 2013 should probably let it out and breathe normally for a bit. Here’s the situation:

  • Technical problems with the recording setup led to our losing about half the sessions.
  • Of the sessions we do have, at least some will eventually be published, but we don’t currently have a schedule. Before we can publish them, we need to review the recordings to make sure they’re acceptable, and in some cases there are constraints on how soon we can release them. At this point, it looks like some of the videos won’t be available until the fall.

We know that many of you have been looking forward to the videos, and, like you, we’re disappointed in this turn of events. The good news is that some of the videos will definitely go online in the coming months. The bad news is that we’re not sure which ones, and we’re not sure when.

Thanks for your continuing interest. We’ll keep you posted via this blog.


Loyal C&B Attendee Fedor Pikus graciously shared some of his photos with us, and the one below struck me as both funny and, in the context of the talk in which it occurred, insightful. That talk–“Optimization Tips”–was the highest-rated at the event. Those who attended the presentation are unlikely to ever think about reference-counting the same way again.


Thanks, Fedor, for letting us use this photo, and thanks, Andrei, for words to program by!


The weather in the Pacific Northwest has been unusually cold lately, and one result is that Snoqualmie Falls (adjacent to the hotel where C&B will start in about three hours) is framed by ice. I took this a couple of hours ago. The hotel is in the upper left corner.


poster (small)For those of you who are attending C&B next week, Scott already recommended some background reading for your pre-seminar enjoyment.

I also have one piece of background reading I’d like to recommend all attendees reread before my Wednesday morning talk on “C++14 Style”:

Guru of the Week #91: Smart Pointer Parameters

It’s not long, but it’s important. Please take time to review it on your way to sunny (maybe) Snoqualmie, WA, USA.

I look forward to seeing many of you next week! Be sure to attend the Monday night reception if at all possible. It’ll be a relaxed informal (and likely still informative) gathering that will set a nice tone for the event. See you there.


C++ and Beyond 2013 begins next Monday evening! If you’ll be participating, you’ll find the following information useful.

Reception: On Monday evening from 7:30 to 9:30, Herb and Andrei and I will host an informal reception in the Falls Terrace room at the Salish. Light refreshments, soft drinks, and a dangerously high level of technical chatter will be served. A no-host bar will also be present, which, over time, should reduce the technical level of the chatter considerably. The Falls Terrace room adjoins the Falls Terrace, which itself is right next to Snoqualmie Falls, and Snoqualmie Falls produces an impressive roar that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Meals: Breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are included as part of C&B. Vegetarian options are always available. If you have other dietary restrictions or preferences, please email us as soon as possible; we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Dinners are on your own. The hotel staff can help you with local dining options.

Talk Materials: You’ll receive email in the next couple of days telling you how you can download a PDF copy of all the materials we plan to use in our technical presentations. Unless you opted out of a printed notebook, you’ll also receive one of those when you check in at the Salish. The notebooks won’t get to the Salish until Monday afternoon, so if you check in before that, you can pick up your notebook at the Reception or, if you prefer, on Tuesday morning at the C&B table outside the ballroom where the presentations will be held.

Name Badges: These will be distributed in the same manner as the printed notebooks: at check-in, if the name badges have arrived at the lodge before you do, otherwise at the Reception or on Tuesday morning outside the ballroom.

Post-Lunch Walks: Barring winds that make the rain fall horizontally, I’ll lead walks each day after lunch. It’s a great opportunity to see the woods around the lodge, to get your blood circulating after a morning of lectures and a toasty meal, and to make you feel less guilty about enjoying the high-calorie goodies that will appear in the ballroom shortly before the first afternoon presentation. If you want to come along on the walks, bring footwear that’s good on wet, muddy trails plus something to keep the rest of you dry. (If you’re noticing a preoccupation with precipitation in this paragraph, it’s because I’m from the Pacific Northwest. I proceed on the assumption that it will rain every day. If we’re really lucky, it will snow.)

Andrei and Herb and I look forward to seeing you next week!


The full C++ and Beyond 2013 Schedule has been finalized, updated, and posted.

Download the schedule in PDF format here.

Scott, Herb, and Andrei are looking forward to meeting you all in Snoqualmie in a few short days!


ImageC++ and Beyond 2013 is less than two weeks away, and that means that Andrei and Herb and I are busy finalizing our presentations. Sometimes, as we take our vision for a talk and work it into a presentable form, we discover that we’ll have to assume some background on the part of attendees, and that’s what happened to me. What I had originally intended to be a concise overview of new features in C++14 got broken into two talks (one on new features in C++14, one on the type deduction rules in C++11 that take on new import in C++14), and during my work on the type deduction talk, I realized that (1) an overview of type deduction has to discuss the impact of universal references and (2) there isn’t time to cover universal references from scratch. Because I’ve written and talked about universal references in a number of places, I’m going to assume that attendees at this year’s C&B are familiar with them. If you’ll be attending and aren’t aware of what I mean by the term (it’s not standard, but, IMO, it’s very useful), I strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with one of the following:

In unrelated C&B news, I spoke with the staff at the Salish Lodge yesterday, and I found that the trail to the base of Snoqualmie Falls has reopened. This is big news, because it’s been closed for years. (It was closed during the 2010 C&Bs we held at the Salish.) I’m looking forward to finally getting a chance to walk down into the canyon below the hotel. Regardless of the weather, I’m sure it will be an experience!


I wanted to give one last reminder that our special pricing for C++ and Beyond room rates at Salish Lodge and Spa only available through November 15 (tomorrow).

If you have been procrastinating on making hotel reservations, now is the time. We got a GREAT deal on the hotel rooms, so if you don’t make the reservations by tomorrow you may end up paying a lot more for your room.

The details on how to book your room are on the Venue Page.


I wanted to give a gentle reminder to everyone that our special pricing for C++ and Beyond room rates at Salish Lodge and Spa are only available through November 15 – less than two weeks from now.

Any reservation requests made after November 15, 2013, will be at the best prevailing rate at the time of reservation, so make sure to reserve your rooms as soon as possible in order to get the discount rate.

Please visit the Venue Page for details on how to book your room.


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