September 2011

Channel 9 has just posted a recording of my opening talk to kick off C++ and Beyond 2011 last month in Banff. Here’s the link: C++ and Beyond 2011: Why C++.

It’s a keynote-y talk, not a technical talk, but we felt it was important to address an important trend involving the language. The goal is to share a perspective and rationale for why of late there’s such a resurgence of interest in C++ — both across the industry, and within Microsoft.

I hope you enjoy it!

While attending C++ and Beyond 2011, Microsoft’s Channel 9’s Charles Torre was able to convince a few fellow attendees to get in front of the camera and talk about C++, how they use the language, and what they think of C++11 and C++ and Beyond.

Here are the first two interviews:

Sean Gibb, Director of Software at Rad3 Communications

Benedict Gaster, a software architect designing programming models for heterogeneous computing and well-known for his contributions to OpenCL