January 2015

In a blog post last March about the availability of the C&B 2013 videos, I wrote:

  • Technical problems with the recording setup led to our losing about half the sessions.
  • Of the sessions we do have, at least some will eventually be published, but we don’t currently have a schedule. Before we can publish them, we need to review the recordings to make sure they’re acceptable, and in some cases there are constraints on how soon we can release them. At this point, it looks like some of the videos won’t be available until the fall.

The fall has since come and gone, and, to be frank, we forgot about the videos until a recent email asked us about them. We wrote to the people who did the recording to ask whether the sessions we had were ready to be published, and this is what we got back:

It turns out that due to hardware upgrades in the last year, the videos are no longer available.


We’re disappointed, too.


Early each year since 2010, Herb and Andrei and I have looked at our schedules, constraints, and interests to determine whether a C++ and Beyond that year was compatible with everything else we wanted to achieve. For five years in a row, it was. This year, it looks like it won’t be.

Fortunately, the C++ event landscape is richer now than it has been in a long time, so while we’d like to believe there’s  no other happening quite like C&B, we know there are plenty of technical events in 2015 that will fill the void. We encourage you to take part in them.

Will there be a C&B in 2016? We don’t know. That’s a question we won’t take up until early next year :-)