Scott Meyers • Herb Sutter • Andrei Alexandrescu
August 5-8, 2012 • Grove Park Inn • Asheville, North Carolina

C++ and Beyond is a small, conference-like event built around intensive technical sessions by Scott Meyers, Herb Sutter, and Andrei Alexandrescu, but designed also to facilitate the exchange of experiences and insights among the unusually talented developers who attend. Attendance is limited to 120 people.

Technical sessions focus on topics of special interest to professional developers where Andrei, Herb, and Scott have expertise. Topics in 2010 included CPU caches, lambda expressions, move semantics, CAS-based concurrency, and systems design. In 2011, they included variadic templates, the C++11 memory model, GPGPU programming, and contemporary approaches to teaching C++. For details, consult the full schedules for C&B 2010 and C&B 2011.

Topics for C&B 2012 will be determined by Herb, Andrei, and Scott in the months and weeks prior to the event. Their C&B presentations typically focus on new material, i.e., on information they have never publicly presented or published.  Their session ideas are generally posted to the C&B blog for advance feedback.  (Your topic suggestions are always welcome there.) You can view the current 2012 schedule here.

Scott’s, Herb’s, and Andrei’s backgrounds vary, but these C++ legends have three things in common. First, they’re interested not just in C++, but in how its power can be applied to real and challenging problems. Second, they have an uncanny ability to explain complex technical material. Most importantly, they know how to create an event of enormous value to professional C++ developers, regardless of whether their experience with the language spans one or two years or one or two decades.
Scott Meyers wrote the books Effective C++ (first, second, and third editions), More Effective C++, and Effective STL. He publishes and maintains annotated training materials dedicated to C++11 and to the use of C++ in embedded systems. His current interests are the effective use of C++11 and techniques for the development of low-latency systems.
Herb Sutter wrote four books and hundreds of technical articles on C++ and concurrency. He chairs the ISO C++ standards committee and led or participated in the design of several C++11 features.
Andrei Alexandrescu is working in areas as varied as C++, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and design of the D programming language. This work has led to three books (one coauthored with Herb Sutter himself) and numerous other publications.

For additional information about C&B, turn to Scott’s comments about the event.

5 Responses to “C++ and Beyond 2012

  1. Rakesh Gajjar Says:

    Good to have reference from such a renowned people.

    1. Prog Rammer Says:

      what does renown have to do with anything? Its the merit that matters.

  2. Dmitry Says:

    Thanks for publishing speech about Universal References - awesome!
    Can we expect to see other videos as well any time soon?

    1. scottmeyers Says:

      At the C9 page for my video, this same question was asked, and Charles Torre replied as follows:

      I have been instructed to release one post per month. Here’s what’s coming in terms of specific pieces of content in no specific order…:

      Herb’s sessions on C++11 Memory Model (two of them).
      Panel “Convincing your Boss (to use C++11 in production)”.
      Herb’s session on concurrency and parallelism.
      Andrei’s session on Systematic Error Handling.
      Herb’s session on the renewed meaning of __ and __ (you already know what one of the blanks is given the panel released last month….).

  3. studentri23 Says:

    Wow really nice blog. I’m impressed. I’ve just started to write C++ Tutorials so if you are interested please check my blog. Thanks in advance.

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